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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

The Intelligent Capture platform and the Advanced Capture module are both OnBase products that rely on OCR technology to classify and index documents. Each of these products has its own place in the OnBase product suite — depending on your business needs, one may be a better fit as part of your overall OnBase solution or they may complement one another to meet all of your document classification and indexing needs.


The Intelligent Capture platform includes both Intelligent Capture for AP and Intelligent Capture for EOB.

Some things to consider when evaluating Intelligent Capture and Advanced Capture:


Intelligent Capture

Advanced Capture

Reduces the cost and time associated with manually indexing documents

Able to classify documents (i.e., assign them to a Document Type) as well as index them

The better choice for structured data, where document identifiers and Keyword Values are displayed in the same place on each page of every document


The better choice for semi-structured data, where document identifiers and Keyword Values may or may not be located in the same locations on all pages


Provides more accurate results because the user determines the locations on each page that are evaluated for indexing purposes


Reduces administrative costs by not requiring administrators to create a template for each document layout that needs to be identified by the engine


Allows confidence levels to be determined at the Document Type or Keyword Type level


Includes Point and Shoot indexing for ad-hoc indexing value recognition from within Document Imaging's indexing interface

Easily configured and managed using a point-and-click interface

Unlike other forms processing software, does not require a separate database or switching between multiple applications