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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

The Intelligent Capture for AP engine can execute External AutoFill Keyword Sets using VB Scripts or SQL Select String queries to communicate with an external database. When used in conjunction with Intelligent Capture for AP, External AutoFill Keyword Sets may be used to extract AutoFill data from an ERP system and populate this data on invoices as they undergo ICAP processing, for instance.

When testing a SQL Select String query in OnBase Configuration, note that the data source must be 32-bit to be compatible with the 32-bit OnBase Configuration module. When configuring External AutoFill Keyword Sets for use with the Data Capture Server, however, the data source must be saved as a 64-bit driver data source to be compatible with the 64-bit Data Capture Server.

For more information on configuring External AutoFill Keyword Sets, see the AutoFill Keyword Sets module reference guide or help file.