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Intelligent Capture for AP

Intelligent Capture for AP
Foundation 23.1

If the Intelligent Capture for AP engine identifies a Keyword Value that is used as the primary Keyword Value for an AutoFill Keyword Set, the AutoFill Keyword Set is triggered and secondary Keyword Values are assigned to the document once the document has finished undergoing ICAP processing.

To ensure that all potentially important values are used to expedite AP processing, the Intelligent Capture for AP engine checks for primary Keyword Values of AutoFill Keyword Sets on each of the following Keyword Types, in order: Vendor Number, Vendor Name, and PO Number. First, during vendor identification, the engine checks the Vendor Number for AutoFill Keyword Sets. If an AutoFill Keyword Set is not triggered by a Vendor Number value, the engine then checks the Vendor Name. If an AutoFill Keyword Set is not triggered by a Vendor Name value, after Keyword extraction, the engine finally checks the PO Number(i.e., for Purchase Order, PO Invoice, and Non-PO Invoice). Depending on your configuration, the PO Number value might have to match the form of a configured regular expression to be accepted.

If an AutoFill Keyword Set is triggered, the populated values are checked against any learned values from the Data Capture Server and are colored according to Suspect Level score.