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Interaction with ShareBase

Interaction with ShareBase
Foundation 22.1

The Add Document to ShareBase action allows an OnBase user to upload a document or related document into a shared folder in ShareBase. ShareBase users with rights to the specified folder will be able to access the OnBase document uploaded to ShareBase.

In ShareBase, document names are derived from file names. For documents uploaded from OnBase, these file names are based on the documents' Auto-Name strings. Upon upload to ShareBase, if a document's Auto-Name string contains any of the following characters, they are replaced with underscores in ShareBase: *, ?, :, ", <, >, /.


Documents with long auto-names may fail to be uploaded to ShareBase due to a limitation of Microsoft Windows. In Windows, fully qualified file names must be less than 260 characters. When a document is uploaded from OnBase to ShareBase, the document auto-name is translated to a file name, which is appended to the path for upload. If the fully qualified file name exceeds the 260-character limit, the upload will fail.


To avoid timeout issues, it is considered a best practice to use a Workflow timer to perform this action.