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Interaction with ShareBase

Interaction with ShareBase
Foundation 22.1

Add Keyword Types and values to be indexed to new documents in the monitored folder. To add a Keyword Type and value:

  1. Click Add. The Add Keyword Value dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the Keyword Type drop-down list, select the Keyword Type you want to configure for documents in the monitored folder.
    If the selected Keyword Type is configured using a Specific Currency data type, the Currency Format drop-down list is enabled, allowing you to select the currency format you want to use.
  3. Select the Value that should be indexed to the selected Keyword Type.
    • Constant Value- Enter a constant value to index to the selected Keyword Type.

    • Property- Enter a property name containing the value to index to the selected Keyword Type.

    • Keyword- Select a Keyword Type from the source document in Workflow from which the Keyword Value will be pulled.

  4. Click OK. Repeat this process to add additional Keyword Types.
    You can modify a configured Keyword Value by selecting the Keyword Value and clicking Modify. To delete a configured Keyword Value, select the Keyword Value and click Delete.