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Interaction with ShareBase

Interaction with ShareBase
Foundation 22.1

The Interaction with ShareBase consists of multiple components, including OnBase Workflow and the ShareBase Monitor service.

The following list summarizes the configuration and installation process for the Interaction with ShareBase using the ShareBase Monitor service:

  1. Ensure a file structure including libraries has been created in your ShareBase deployment.
  2. Ensure your ShareBase deployment has a dedicated user for use with OnBase Workflow.
  3. Obtain an API Token generated by a ShareBase Site Administrator. The token must be generated using the credentials for the dedicated user.
  4. Configure a ShareBase profile in OnBase Studio.
  5. Configure any necessary Workflow actions for the Interaction with ShareBase in OnBase Studio.
  6. For monitored ShareBase folders, configure an OnBase service account to be used by the ShareBase Monitor service.
  7. For monitored ShareBase folders, install the ShareBase Monitor service.
  8. Configure the ShareBase Monitor service, if necessary.
  9. Start the ShareBase Monitor service.