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Interaction with ShareBase

Interaction with ShareBase
Foundation 22.1

The following procedures must be completed in ShareBase by a Site Administrator for your ShareBase deployment. For detailed steps, see the ShareBase help files.

To configure ShareBase to interact with OnBase:

  1. Create a dedicated ShareBase user for interacting with OnBase. This user must be configured as a Site Administrator. When documents are uploaded to ShareBase by OnBase Workflow, ShareBase will record this user as the creator of the documents.

    It may be helpful to include OnBase in the user's name.

  2. Create a dedicated ShareBase library for interacting with OnBase.
  3. Assign a whitelist of allowed file types to the dedicated ShareBase library. If monitored folders are used to import documents into OnBase, then the whitelist should include only file types that OnBase has been configured to support.
  4. Share the dedicated library with the dedicated ShareBase user, making sure to grant the user sufficient rights to interact with the library (for example, creating and deleting folders, uploading documents, and creating links).
  5. In ShareBase, create an API token using the credentials for the dedicated ShareBase user. Only the Bearer token type is supported.
    This token will be used later to configure the ShareBase profile in OnBase Studio.