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Interaction with ShareBase

Interaction with ShareBase
Foundation 22.1

On systems upgraded from a prior version of OnBase, the Diagnostics Service may log a warning such as the following each time a ShareBase profile is used:

The AuthToken for ShareBaseProfile with profile num '[profileId]' was encrypted with ShareBase Token Encryption V1. This encryption is deprecated and no longer recommended.

These warnings indicate the ShareBase profile uses a token that has been encrypted using a method from a prior version of OnBase. To address these warnings, it is recommended to upgrade the encryption for ShareBase tokens saved in OnBase.


This recommendation does not apply to parallel upgrade environments, where the prior encryption method is required for compatibility with prior versions of OnBase.

ShareBase token encryption can be upgraded using the OnBase Configuration module. To upgrade the encryption for ShareBase tokens, you must set the cryptography version compatibility to a minimum of Version 21, and then analyze and convert the data affected. For information on changing cryptography settings, see the System Administration documentation.