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Interaction with ShareBase

Interaction with ShareBase
Foundation 22.1

You can configure the Interaction with ShareBase to communicate with OnBase using the ShareBase Monitor service.

In order to use the ShareBase Monitor service, the following required OnBase modules must be licensed and successfully installed:

  • Application Server

  • Studio

  • Workflow

Refer to the module reference guides for the above for licensing and installation prerequisites.

The servers hosting the Application Server and the ShareBase Monitor service must be able to send and receive HTTP traffic from the ShareBase data center's location (e.g., for the United States).

An OnBase service account must be configured prior to installing the ShareBase Monitor service. See Configuring a Service Account for the ShareBase Monitor Service, or refer to the OnBase System Administration documentation.

Additional information is also needed from your ShareBase deployment prior to installing and configuring the ShareBase Monitor service. See Setting Up ShareBase for information.