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Interactive Data Capture

Interactive Data Capture
Foundation 22.1

For a scan queue using a custom capture process, Interactive Data Capture is enabled in OnBase Studio. The scan queue must be configured to use a custom capture process.

For more information on custom capture processes and the Capture Process Designer, see the Document Imaging documentation.

To configure a scan queue for Interactive Data Capture in a standard capture process:

  1. From OnBase Studio, select the Capture Process tab in the Repositories pane.
  2. Within the Capture Process tab, open the scan queue and capture process to be used for Interactive Data Capture processing.
  3. In the designer layout pane, select the Index action configured for performing Interactive Data Capture. The indexing process options are displayed in the General tab of the Properties pane.
  4. Select the Interactive Data Capture check box in the Interactive Data Capture section of the indexing process options.
  5. If you want to have OCR processing performed on previously indexed documents in the batch so that Interactive Data Capture indexing features can still be used on these documents, select OCR Indexed Documents.
  6. If you want to disable messages that display the OCR text of a location on a document when you hover over that location, select Disable OCR Text Popup On Image.
  7. If the scan queue is configured for double-blind indexing, and you wish to allow secondary indexers to use the Interactive Data Capture indexing features when performing double-blind indexing, select Enable for Double-Blind Indexing.

    This option is only available if the Double-Blind Indexing option in the Specialized Indexing section is selected.

  8. When you are finished configuring the capture process, click Save on the Home ribbon.