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Interactive Data Capture

Interactive Data Capture
Foundation 22.1

With Auto-Complete indexing, you can select the correct value from a list of suggested values that is displayed when you start typing a value in a Keyword Type field. This Auto-Complete list uses color matching to identify the suggested text on the document, with the following colors representing the specified ranges of OCR confidence values:

  • Green: 75-100

  • Yellow: 50-74

  • Orange: 25-49

  • Red: 0-24

To supplement the color matching, a binding box also blinks on image documents to call out the location of the value that is currently selected in the Auto-Complete list.


The blinking binding box is not displayed on PDF documents.

The Auto-Complete list first suggests single words and then phrases. Once a user enters a space in the Keyword Type field, the Auto-Complete list only suggests phrases. Both single words and phrases are highlighted by the blinking binding box for easy identification on documents.

If a user begins typing a value that does not match any of the document's OCR data, the Auto-Complete list disappears, and the user can enter any value.