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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

The following configuration must be completed in order to use AD FS Authentication with OnBase:

The following section describes how to remove users from an OnBase User Group when they are removed from the corresponding domain user group:

If you are also configuring the OnBase Web Server to use AD FS Authentication, see:

The following modules also require additional configuration to use AD FS authentication:

The following items should also be noted when configuring AD FS:

  • The default website name in the web.config files is case sensitive and must match exactly in all places it is configured.

  • The OnBase Application Server requires signing certificates for both AD FS and the Web application.

  • The AD FS Server requires signing certificates for both the AD FS Server and the Web application.

  • The account running the AD FS service on the AD FS server, and the account running the application pools on the OnBase Web and Application Servers, need read access to the private key of the SSL certificate.