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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

If you select Active Directory - Enhanced under Synchronize User Groups when configuring the App Server, you must ensure that the following steps are also completed:

  1. Locate the Web.config file on the OnBase web server and open it for editing in a plain-text editor, such as Notepad. In a default installation, this file is located at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\AppNet\.

    Do not edit the Web.config file in a binary editor, such as Microsoft Word. Editing this file in a binary editor can introduce additional characters that generate errors when processes attempt to read the information contained in the file.

  2. Locate the <add key="default_domainname"> node.
  3. Add the domain name used for Active Directory as the value of the value attribute.

    For example, the completed node may look like this:

    <add key="default_domainname" value="MyDomain"></add>

  4. Locate the <Hyland.Authentication> node.
  5. Locate the <properties> child node of the <Hyland.Authentication> node.

    This node is not created until after App Server configuration is completed. If the <properties> node is not available, make sure you have completed the initial configuration (see, App Server Configuration).

  6. Add the following node as a child of the <properties> node:

    <add key="stripDomainFromUsername" value="true" />


    XML nodes and values are case sensitive. Make sure to add the node in the exact casing shown above.

    A completed <properties> node may look like this:


    • <add key= "stripDomainFromUsername" value= " true " />


  7. Save and close the Web.config file.