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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

The stripDomainFromUsername key can be set to automatically strip the domain from user names that are passed as either domain\username or domain@username. This is useful when single sign-on authenticators use a full domain and username but OnBase only uses the user name. Set the stripDomainFromUsername key value to true to strip the domain before authenticating against OnBase.

If the stripDomainFromUsername key is not already in the Web.Config file of the OnBase Web Server, it can be added manually.


Do not edit the Web.config file in a binary editor, such as Microsoft Word. Editing this file in a binary editor can introduce additional characters that generate errors when processes attempt to read the information contained in the file.

To add the stripDomainFromUsername key:

  1. Locate the <Hyland.Authentication> node in the web.config file of the OnBase Web Server.
  2. Locate the <properties> child node of the <Hyland.Authentication> node.

    The <properties> node is not created until after Web Server configuration is completed. If the <properties> node is not available, make sure you have completed the initial configuration (see, App Server Configuration).

  3. Add the following node as a child of the <properties> node:

    <add key="stripDomainFromUsername" value="true" />


    XML nodes and values are case sensitive. Make sure to add the node in the exact casing shown above.

    A completed <properties> node may look like this:


    • <add key= "stripDomainFromUsername" value= " true " />


  4. Save and close the Web.config file.