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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

Integration for Single Sign-On does not support concurrent OnBase logins from the same workstation with different users. In order for another user to log in to OnBase on the same workstation, the user that is already logged in to OnBase must log out of OnBase before changing workstation user logins.

Synchronization between OnBase and Custom Authentication stores (such as a Single Sign-on user repository) is not supported.

Single Sign-On does not support the Workflow task list Password Protection option. Workflow tasks configured to require the user's password cannot be completed if the user is logged in using Single Sign-On.

Re-authentication is not supported with Single Sign-On autologins. Users who are required to re-authenticate after logging in, such as when acknowledging files in Document Knowledge Transfer, will be unable to perform those tasks if they used autologin to access OnBase.