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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

The Auto-Configure Using Matching Group Names option is intended to assist in the migration from an existing Active Directory Basic authentication method to the Active Directory Enhanced method. Since Active Directory Basic matched group names that correspond to OnBase User Groups, an initial configuration of Active Directory Enhanced authentication can be completed by mapping groups with matching names in OnBase and Active Directory that are not already mapped to OnBase.

To automatically map Active Directory groups that correspond to existing OnBase User Groups:

  1. Select a domain in the Configured Active Directory Domains pane of the Active Directory - Enhanced dialog box.
  2. Select Auto-Configure using matching Group Names from the right-click menu. Any Active Directory groups that have the same name as OnBase User Groups are mapped to those User Groups in OnBase, if they are not already mapped.
    When the configuration is finished, the Auto-Configuration dialog box is displayed. This dialog box displays text results of the auto-configuration. Click OK to continue.
  3. Click Apply to save the configuration changes and continue working in the Active Directory - Enhanced dialog box, or click OK to save the configuration changes and close the Active Directory - Enhanced dialog box.

    After using auto-config to map User Groups, it is a best practice to review the mappings that were created to ensure they match your security needs. Auto-configured mappings can be changed or removed in the same way as any mappings.