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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

Standard authentication options include Internal security, Active Directory Advanced, and LDAP, which are configured in the Directory Service Authentication dialog box of the OnBase Configuration module. That configuration information is covered in this chapter.


The Active Directory - Basic authentication method was removed after OnBase 18. Client logins attempting to use this method will fail in OnBase versions after 18. To continue using Active Directory to authenticate users, you must change the configuration to Active Directory - Enhanced. The Auto-Configure Using Matching Group Names option is intended to assist in the migration from an existing Active Directory - Basic authentication method to the Active Directory - Enhanced method.

To configure the single sign-on integrations or AD FS, see the corresponding configuration chapters:

Standard authentication is natively available in OnBase. To access it, append the -ROMANZO switch to the Configuration module executable before launching it.


Before using features enabled by the -ROMANZO switch, ensure that you understand the feature and implications of any changes to your system. Contact your service provider with any questions regarding these features. Features enabled by the -ROMANZO switch should not be made available to the casual user. Remove the -ROMANZO switch after completing necessary actions.