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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

If you need some modules to use LDAP or Active Directory Enhanced authentication and others to use standard OnBase authentication to log in, two instances of the OnBase web server must be installed to different virtual directories (e.g., http://web-server/AppNet1 and http://web-server/AppNet2). One instance of the OnBase web server is then configured with the EnableAutoLogin value set to true, meaning the LDAP or Active Directory Enhanced configured for the data source is used to log in, while the other has it set to false, meaning standard OnBase authentication is used to log in, regardless of the LDAP or Active Directory Enhanced configuration.


If this value is set to false, user accounts must be configured in OnBase for any users who have to log in using standard OnBase authentication.

The modules are then configured to access OnBase using the appropriate OnBase web server for the desired authentication method. Both OnBase web servers can still connect to the same data source and will work together as one system.