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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

EnableAutoLogin- Set this value to true if LDAP, Active Directory - Enhanced, or Integration for Single Sign-On is configured as the authentication method for logging in to OnBase. This means the source of user credentials is not OnBase. If the configured authentication method is also set to require interactive authentication, where the user must provide a user name and password to log in, then the user must provide the expected credentials to log in to the Web Client when EnableAutoLogin is set to true.


If logins from the OnBase Web Client should use a single sign-on store for the source of authentication credentials (even when OnBase is configured to use Active Directory - Enhanced), the forceSSOAutoLoginOverDomain setting must also be set to true.

Set EnableAutoLogin to false to require interactive authentication using Internal security, which requires the user to provide their OnBase user name and password to log in to the Web Client, even when LDAP, Active Directory - Enhanced, or Integration for Single Sign-On is set as the authentication method.

Internal security takes precedence over the configured authentication method, even when using Integration for Single Sign-On. This can be useful for environments where users may need to log in to OnBase with their own user name and password on a group workstation, or users do not have credentials for Active Directory or LDAP.