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Legacy Authentication Methods

Legacy Authentication Methods
Foundation 23.1

When logging in to OnBase with a user name that doesn't exist in OnBase, the user is automatically added to OnBase as long as:

  • The user is authenticated on the LDAP server

  • The corresponding User Groups exist in OnBase.


When a user that does not exist in OnBase first logs on to OnBase, the user must use a Client of the same OnBase version as the OnBase database. If an older Client version is used, users may not appear in the Configuration module even though they are added to OnBase.

When a user account is created in this way, the user's email address and real name values are populated in OnBase using the values from the domain. The user is also added to the OnBase User Groups that correspond to the domain user groups that the user is a member of.


If a User Template has been configured in OnBase, those user settings are applied to new user accounts. See User Groups & Rights in the System Administration module reference guide for details.