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Mailbox Importer

Mailbox Importer
Foundation 22.1

Account- An account designates the email account through which Mailbox Importer processes emails and attachments. Each account created in OnBase directly corresponds with an email account on the server. An account is governed by rules.

Rule- Rules are applied to accounts and determine how these accounts behave - they define the criteria for bringing a document into OnBase through an account. Rules can be used on multiple accounts. Rules function according to the conditions and actions applied to it.

Condition - Conditions allow you to designate which emails Mailbox Importer will import into OnBase. Each rule is made of conditions.

Action- Actions determine how an email or an attachment are imported into OnBase. Actions dictate which Document Type email messages and attachments will be imported as, which Scan Queues they enter, and whether the message will be stored as plain text or not.