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Mailbox Importer

Mailbox Importer
Foundation 22.1

After accounts, rules, and conditions have been created, you must apply rules to the appropriate accounts. To apply a rule to an account:

  1. Navigate to Import | Mailbox Importer | Accounts. The Accounts dialog box opens.
  2. Select the Account you would like to apply rules to. Click Rules.
  3. The Account Rules dialog box opens. On the left, you will find Available Rules. On the right, you will find Selected Rules.
  4. To apply a rule to the account, select it in the Available Rules list and move it to the Selected Rules list by clicking Add. Repeat this step for each rule needed on the account.

    If needed, changes can be made to rules and new rules can be created by clicking Manage Rules. This will open the Rules dialog box. For information on creating and editing rules, see Account Rules.

    Rules can be removed from the account by selecting a rule in the Selected Rules list and clicking Remove.
  5. Once more than one rule has been added to the Selected Rules list, you may reorder rules within the list. Click the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder rules.
  6. Click Close to save the configuration and to close the Account Rules dialog box.