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Mailbox Importer

Mailbox Importer
Foundation 22.1

You can migrate multiple Mailbox Importer accounts with assigned types of IMAP, POP3, EWS, or Google API to an MS Graph type. When migrating these accounts, you can also automatically apply a tenant ID for OAuth authentication. For more information on creating an account to use an MS Graph type, see Adding an MS Graph Account.

To migrate Mailbox Importer accounts to use an MS Graph type:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Import | Mailbox Importer | OAuth Migration. The OAuth Migration dialog box is displayed with a list of configured Mailbox Importer accounts using an IMAP, POP3, or EWS type.
  2. Select the Mailbox Importer accounts you want to migrate to use an MS Graph type.
  3. If available, in the Apply Tenant ID field, enter a tenant ID you want to associate with the selected accounts once they are migrated to use an MS Graph type.
  4. Click OK. A confirmation message is displayed.
  5. Click Yes. The Mailbox Importer dialog box is displayed with the list of Mailbox Importer accounts migrated to use an MS Graph type.
  6. Click OK.