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Mailbox Importer

Mailbox Importer
Foundation 22.1

Some characters in attachment names cannot be used with Mailbox Importer. If a message has an attachment with an attachment name that contains illegal characters, the illegal characters are replaced with alternative characters when the message is imported into OnBase. When illegal characters are removed and the attachment name is imported into OnBase, the name of the attachment is stored as a MAIL Attachment Name Keyword Value.

See the following illegal characters and their replacements:

Illegal Character

Replacement Character



















In addition to the above characters, Mailbox Importer will also replace any ASCII backspace characters (ASCII code 08, BS) with an underscore character (_).


When using Mailbox Importer with Microsoft Office 365, illegal characters in attachment names are removed by Microsoft Office 365 and not replaced. Once OnBase receives the attachment file with illegal characters already removed from the attachment name, it is possible the attachment name will be imported into OnBase with blank spaces in the MAIL Attachment Name Keyword Value.