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Mailbox Importer

Mailbox Importer
Foundation 23.1

If you have a previously-configured version of Mailbox Importer or Subscription Server, an older version of the client must be used to configure and run the process. Mailbox Importer for OnBase 14 requires the existing NT Service. By configuring a new instance of Mailbox Importer or upgrading an older version, any existing Subscription Server configurations are ruled incompatible. When configuring the service for the first time, the Update Confirmation dialog is displayed: This will update any Existing Subscription Server configuration to the new Mailbox Importer format. These changes are incompatible with older versions of Subscription Server. Click Yes to update to Mailbox Importer.

In order to configure Mailbox Importer, you must have an understanding of how the Mailbox Importer works. When configuring the Mailbox Importer, accounts, rules, actions, and conditions are needed. Each account has rules applied to it, and each rule is made of conditions and actions. In other words, conditions and actions control how rules work, and rules control how accounts work.