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Mailbox Importer

Mailbox Importer
Foundation 23.1

When the Mailbox Importer is enabled, messages can be viewed in the Diagnostics Console. To enable messages from the Mailbox Importer in the Diagnostics Console, the traceEnabled setting must be configured in the Mailbox Importer configuration file.

To enable messages in the Diagnostics Console:

  1. Open the Hyland.MailboxImporter.exe.config file. By default, the Hyland.MailboxImporter.exe.config file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hyland\Services\Mailbox Importer.
  2. Configure the following settings within the Hyland.MailboxImporter node:

    Setting Name



    Enter true as the value to use the Diagnostics Console to display all messages that are displayed in the Mailbox Importer console window. These messages are displayed on the Mailbox Importer tab in the Diagnostics Console.


    Enter the level of logging for the Mailbox Importer service. The levels that can be entered are: Trace, Verbose, Warning, or Error.


    This value is case sensitive.

  3. Configure the logging level for Mailbox Importer messages within the Hyland.Logging section, under the DiagnosticsConsole route. The log level controls the types of messages that are logged to Mailbox Importer log files.
    For more information on configuring the logging level, see the section on setting the log level in the Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console documentation.
  4. Save and close the Hyland.MailboxImporter.exe.config file.

For more information on the Mailbox Importer configuration file, see The Mailbox Importer Configuration File.

For more information on the Diagnostics Console in general, see the Diagnostics Service and Diagnostics Console documentation.