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Mailbox Importer

Mailbox Importer
Foundation 23.1

The following upgrade considerations have been compiled by OnBase subject matter experts. These upgrade considerations are general and applicable to most OnBase solutions and network environments and should be considered each time an upgrade is performed.

Carefully consider the impact of making any changes, including those listed below, prior to implementing them in a production environment.

For additional general information about upgrading OnBase, refer to the Upgrade Guidelines reference manual , and visit the Hyland Community at: https://www.hyland.com/community.

Upgrade Instances of Mailbox Importer Service

When upgrading to this version of Mailbox Importer, you must ensure that all instances of the Mailbox Importer Service are also upgraded to the same version. You must do this when upgrading from one of the following versions:

  • Any pre-Foundation releases prior to 18 SP 2

  • Foundation EP1

  • Foundation EP2

  • Foundation EP3, prior to Patch 18

  • Foundation EP4