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Medical Imaging Viewer - NilRead

Medical Imaging Viewer - NilRead
Foundation 22.1

OnBase Patient Window can be configured to open specific studies when users access a URL. The following URL query string parameters are specific to DICOM viewer integrations.




Specifies the accession number associated with the study to be displayed by default. This parameter also requires the mpi parameter to be specified.

When the query string contains valid accno and mpi values, OnBase Patient Window opens in expanded mode, and NilRead displays the study associated with the accession number.

The user can load the rest of the patient's record by clicking the View Patient Record button in the upper-left corner of the window.


Specifies the UID of the study to be displayed by default.

If the query string specifies the study UID without the mrn or mpi parameter, then the vna parameter must also be specified. In this case, OnBase Patient Window opens in expanded mode. Users can view only the specified study; other patient information and documents are unavailable.


Specifies the viewer integration to use for retrieving the specified study. Set the vna parameter to 7 to use NilRead.

This parameter is required only if the query string provides the study UID without the mrn or mpi parameter.

For example, the following URL would retrieve MPI 101 with study UID 123 displayed by default.


For detailed information about URL construction and query string parameters, see the Patient Window module reference guide.