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Medical Imaging Viewer - NilRead

Medical Imaging Viewer - NilRead
Foundation 22.1

The thumbnail retrieval service is an instance of the Unity Scheduler that retrieves thumbnails of DICOM images through the NilRead server. This service can only be created through the command line on a server where the Unity Scheduler directory is installed.

Create the thumbnail retrieval service only after completing the following tasks:

  • Install the Unity Scheduler on a standalone server.

  • Configure the DICOM Thumbnails Retrieval task in the Unity Management Console.

To perform the installation, you need the name of the task group containing the DICOM Thumbnails Retrieval task. For information about the DICOM Thumbnails Retrieval task, see Configuring the Thumbnail Retrieval Task.


Be sure to enable automatic startup when creating the service. If the service is installed on a different server from the OnBase disk groups, then the service must run under a Windows user account with sufficient access to the disk groups.

For information about installing a Unity Scheduler service by command line, see the Unity Scheduler module reference guide.