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Medical Imaging Viewer - NilRead

Medical Imaging Viewer - NilRead
Foundation 23.1

In OnBase Patient Window, the document list can display thumbnail previews of studies retrieved using the HL7 DICOM Processor. These thumbnails allow users to quickly identify the study or series they are looking for.


Thumbnails can be retrieved only for image-based modalities. If a thumbnail cannot be retrieved for a study document, OnBase Patient Window uses a generic thumbnail indicating the document is a DICOM study.

Thumbnail retrieval requires the following components:



Document Types

The Document Types used for placeholder documents must be configured to allow multiple renditions. See the System Administration module reference guide for information about the Allow Multiple Renditions setting.

HL7 DICOM Processor

The DICOM Processor import process must have the Execute Federated Search setting enabled. This option requires the -HL7DICOMPROCESSOR switch. See Creating Documents from a Federated Search.

NilRead Integration Settings

The Enable Thumbnail Retrieval setting must be set to 1.

All other integration settings (Server, Shared Secret) must be accurately configured to access the NilRead server. See Configuring DICOM Viewer Settings.

Unity Scheduler

The Unity Scheduler must be configured to execute a DICOM Thumbnails Retrieval task. See the following sections: