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Foundation 23.1

To configure the General tab:

  1. From either the Minutes Meeting Selection window, or the Meeting window, select the Tools menu and then select Options.

    Press the Alt key to view the menu shortcuts. Shortcuts are underlined in the menu bar and drop-down menu. For example the T in the Tools menu is underlined. While pressing the Alt key, press the letter T on your keyboard and the Tools menu displays. Then press the O in Options to display the Options dialog box.

    The Options dialog box displays.

  2. Configure the following options on the General tab:



    Default Recording Type

    Select a default recording type from the drop-down list. When you open a meeting, the option selected here is automatically selected by default when you are prompted to select a media option.

    If you change the default media type for a meeting that already has a media option selected, the media option for the existing meeting does not change.


    This option is not available if Media Publishers are not configured for your instance of Minutes.

    Set the maximum length of characters displayed in an item or section

    Select the total number of characters that display in the meeting tree. The minimum is 50 and the maximum is 255.

    Display timestamps in real-time

    Select this option to show or hide timestamps. Timestamps display as HH:MM:SS AM/PM and mark when the item or section was activated.

    Don't show tooltip when an item's text is not fully displayed

    Select this option to hide tooltips when only a portion of the text displays in the meeting tree.

    Show buttons to adjust the speaker timer

    Select this option to remove the speaker timer adjustment options from the Speaker Timer screen

    This machine is not used to run meetings

    Select this option to indicate that the machine currently running minutes can not be used to run meetings. This removed the Run Meeting option from the Meeting screen.

    Don't prompt for voting when opening a meeting

    Select this option to remove the Use Voting prompt when starting a meeting.

    Record a minute when a speaker has spoken.

    Select this option to automatically record a minute when a speaker has been selected to speak. Both the speaker name and speaker notes are recorded in the minute entry.

    Record a minute when a voting attendee is marked Out

    Select this option to automatically record a minute when an attendee is marked as "out" in the voting grid.

    Auto save un-recorded minutes

    Select this option to have any unrecorded minutes automatically saved.

  3. Click OK to close the Options screen.