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Foundation 23.1

Most of the configuration options occur in the Minutes module, however, there are a few configurations needed outside of the Minutes module including:

  • IdP Authentication. This configuration options determines how you log in to the Minutes module. See Configure Standard or IdP Authentication for more information.

  • Media Streaming. This configuration is required for users who need to run a meeting with media. See Media Streaming for more information.

There are four configuration tabs you can use to set up your meeting environment in the Minutes module. These tabs include:

  • General. Provides options on how the meeting is saved, how the meeting displays and general behavior during a meeting. See General Tab for more information.

  • Motions. Provides options to configure motions and assign them to meeting types. See Motions Tab for more information.

  • Shorthand. Provides the ability to create abbreviations for commonly used words and phrases. See Shorthand Tab for more information.

  • Voting. Provides options used to configure Agenda Voting and how it is used in the Minutes module. See Voting Tab for more information.