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Foundation 23.1

This version of Minutes has additional Upgrade Considerations when upgrading to it from one of the following earlier versions:

  • Any pre-Foundation releases prior to 18 SP 1, Build 250

  • Foundation EP1

  • Foundation EP2

  • Foundation EP 3

  • Foundation EP 4

When upgrading from any of these versions, you must ensure that all instances of Minutes are also upgraded to the new version.

In this version, the Media Streaming privilege was added to add a level of security to media streaming. This privilege must be enabled for the User Group to which Media Publisher, Minutes, and Agenda Online users are assigned in order to run the Media Publisher Service, and to provide media access in Minutes and Agenda Online. When media is accessed, a privilege check is performed on the media service methods. Only those users belonging to a User Group with the Media Streaming privilege enabled will have the ability to stream media.

This setting must be configured for the user groups to which the Media Publisher, Minutes, and Agenda Online users belong in order to run a meeting with media (most users are assigned to different user groups, so this setting may need to be configured for several user groups). See the Agenda Media module reference guide for more information on enabling the Media Streaming privilege.