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Foundation 23.1

Event points are set in the media files when you set meeting items as current during a running meeting. Event points can also be set to a recorded meeting to an item that was not set as current.

When you set meeting items as current, a timestamp is placed on the item. This timestamp is transferred to the media file, allowing you to jump to the event point both in the Media Tools window in Minutes, and in OnBase Agenda Online.

When an event point is set, an icon is displayed in the meeting tree indicating that the item has an event point.

To set event points during a meeting:

  1. Start a meeting with media enabled.
  2. Set agenda sections and items as current. See Run and Start Meetings for more information.
  3. Stop the meeting and close it.

    Each time you set an agenda section or agenda item as current, an event point was placed in the media file.

    To set event points on items in a recorded meeting:

  4. Open the meeting that contains the recording for which you want to set event points.
  5. From the toolbar, select Media Tools. The Media Tools dialog box is displayed.
  6. In the Meeting tree, select the item to which you want to add an event point.
  7. In the Media Tools window, move the slider at the bottom of the screen to where you want the new event point to be.
  8. Click the Update Event Point icon.

    The item you selected now has the event point icon next to it in the meeting tree.