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Foundation 23.1

If you need to change the location of an event point in a media file, you can modify the media file in the Media Tools window. If an item was not set as current during a meeting, and you need to set an event point for that item, you can also set the event point at this time.

To edit an event point:

  1. Open a meeting with a recorded media file that has event points set.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select an item that was set as current for the event point you want to edit.

    • Select an item that was not set as current for an event point.

  3. From the Media Tools window, click and drag the video progress indicator to where you want the new event point located.
  4. Do one of the following to set the location for the updated event point:
    • Click the Update Event Point icon.

    • From the Tools menu, select Update Event Point.

    The event point is updated and jumps to the new location when you click on the item in the meeting tree.

  5. Click Save. The event points are saved.

    In order to view the updated event points in Agenda Online, you must re-publish the meeting. See Tool Bar Icons for more information.