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Foundation 23.1

You can shorten the length of media files by trimming them from either the beginning or the end of the media file.


This includes audio/video and audio only files.

To trim the media file:

  1. Open a meeting that contains a media file.
  2. Select either the Trim Mode icon from the bottom of the video screen, or select Trim Mode from the Tools menu.

    Trim instructions are displayed on the media screen.

  3. Click and drag either end point to mark where you want the video or audio file to start or end. Do the following for better precision:
    • Use either the left or right arrow keys to fine-tune the trim.

    • Press the Shift key while using the arrows for even more precision.

    The numbers on the bottom of the screen indicate how much time you are trimming from the beginning and/or end of the media file.


    You can trim all but 10 seconds of a media file.

  4. Either click the Trim icon to execute the trim, or select Apply Trim Points from the Tools menu.

    A message is displayed that provides the amount of time being trimmed from the media file.

  5. Click Yes to continue. A message is displayed in the Media Tools window indicating that the trim was successful. The new video or audio time is displayed in the bottom of the video screen.

    If for some reason the trim fails, a message is displayed indicating that the trim failed, and you should check the Diagnostic Console for more information. See your system administrator for more information.


    Information regarding the media trim is logged in the Event Viewer of the box running the Media Publisher. To view the log, open the Event Viewer, and navigate to the following location: Applications and Services Log | OnBase Log.

Once the trim is complete, two media files are stored locally - the original media file and the newly trimmed file. When you publish media to Agenda Online, the trimmed media file is published by default.


In order to view the updated media file in Agenda Online, you must publish the meeting. See Tool Bar Icons for more information.