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Foundation 23.1

To view media using the Media Tools screen:

  1. Open the meeting that contains the media you want to view. The Media Tools window is displayed.

    This window is a media player that allows you to view the contents of the recording. If you recorded audio only, the Media Tools screen is displayed, and "~Audio Recording~" is visible on the screen.


    The Media Tools window is displayed only if the meeting has been recorded with audio/video or audio only. If the Media Tools window does not display, click the Media Tools icon from the toolbar.

  2. View media using one of the following methods:
    • Use the controls on the bottom of the screen to play, pause, stop, fast-forward, or rewind the media.

    • From the Media Tools menu, select from the following options:




    Select this option to play or pause media.


    Select this option to stop media.


    This option contains the following sub-options:

    • Skip Back 5 seconds

    • Skip Back 1 second

    • Skip Forward 5 seconds

    • Skip Forward 1 second

    Select the option you want to move forward or back in the media.


    Select to mute any audio that was recorded with the video.

  3. If needed, select one of the following options from either the Media Tools menu, or from the icons located next to the viewing icons:
    • Fullscreen. This places the Media Tools screen in Fullscreen mode.

    • Pop in window. This docks the Media Tools screen on the right side of the Minutes screen.

      The icons changes to a Pop out icon. Click it to undock the window from the Minutes screen.

  4. If you do not want to view the Media Tools window, click the Media Tools icon from the Minutes toolbar.

    This icon acts as a toggle, so if you select it again, the Media Tools screen is displayed in Minutes.

  5. You can resize the Media Tools screen as needed. While the Play, Stop, Fast-forward and Rewind buttons will always display on the screen, the Volume and Trim buttons may not display depending on how small you make the screen.