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Foundation 23.1

In an effort to free up server space from the Media Publisher server that stores uploaded media files, you have the option to purge old or obsolete media files as needed. Purging can be done manually, as described below.

Note the following:

  • You can only purge media files for meetings that you have permission to access.

  • Purging media files does not remove them from being uploaded or archived.

To purge Media files:

  1. From the main Minutes window, select Tools | Purge Media. The Purge Media window is displayed.
  2. Select the media publisher from Select Media Publisher drop-down list from which you want to purge. A list of media files recorded using that media publisher is displayed.
  3. Select the media file(s) you want to purge by selecting the check box next to each meeting.
  4. Click Purge. A message is displayed indicating that all media files associated with the meeting are deleted.

    All purge actions are permanent, so make sure that you definitely want to purge the media files before continuing.

  5. Click OK. The media file(s) are purged from the server.

    Information regarding the media purge is logged in the Event Viewer of the box running the Media Publisher. To view the log, open the Event Viewer, and navigate to the following location: Applications and Services Log | OnBase Log.