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Foundation 23.1

If the Media Publisher you use to run meetings has been configured with multiple media servers, you can change servers during meeting that has been set to Run. With multiple servers, you can switch between one that has YouTube enabled and one that does not. Multiple servers are set up in the MediaPublisher.exe config file. See the Agenda Media module reference guide for more information.

Once a meeting has been started, you can access multiple servers using one of the following methods:

  • From the Media Servers menu, select Pop in Window. The Media Server Console dialog box is displayed with a list of servers configured in the MediaPublisher.exe config file.


    The Media Servers menu is displayed only if media servers are being used for the meeting.

    This is a toggle command which, when de-selected, removes the Media Server Console dialog box from the Minutes window, and displays it as a floating dialog box on top of the Minutes window.

  • In the upper-right corner of the Minutes window, double-click the Broadcast status area. The Media Server Console dialog box is displayed according to how the toggle was set from the Media Servers menu.

From the Media Server Console, you can view the status of each server, and select a server to either stop or start, depending on it's current status.