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Foundation 23.1

If you stop the meeting, and then start it again, the recording continues and is merged together with the previous recording. However, if the bit rate is modified on your encoder, when you restart the meeting, the following message is displayed:

You must select the Click to Fix link, and then choose from one of the following options:

  • Recording cannot be started. Select this option if you want to be able to merge prior recorded content with new content into one media file. However, before you can continue with the recording, you must contact your system administrator to access the encoder and change the bit rate to match that of your prior recording.

  • Start a new recording. Select this option to create two separate media files. The media file that is used for uploading and publishing will be the file with the newly recorded content. The original media file from the prior recording is available, but it is not the default file used by Agenda Online or Minutes.

Essentially, if you want to retain the information from the prior recording, the best practice is to fix the bit rate mismatch so you can merge the two recordings into one media file.