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Foundation 23.1

Before you can stream the contents of a meeting to YouTube, you must have set up a Google account and a YouTube channel. See the Agenda Media module reference guide for more information.

Once Minutes has been integrated with YouTube, you are able to livestream meetings to YouTube, and make them available for on-demand viewing on a YouTube channel. The first time you open a meeting in Minutes that has been integrated with YouTube, a series of messages display that need your attention.

Do the following to work through the YouTube messages:

  1. When YouTube is integrated with Minutes, the following warning message is displayed when the Run Meeting option is selected.
  2. Select Click to Fix. The Sign in with Google dialog box is displayed.

    If you are utilizing a brand account, an additional dialog box is displayed, listed both the individual Google account, as well as the brand account. If utilizing the brand account, ensure that this account is selected for authentication.

  3. Sign in with the Google account you created. See Create a Google Account in the Agenda Media module reference guide for more information.
  4. Click Next. A screen is displayed indicating that the app is not verified.
  5. Click Advanced. A message is displayed where you can continue to media to verify the app.
  6. Click the Go to Media link. A message box is displayed providing the ability to grant media permission to allow you to view and modify videos and comments on your YouTube account.
  7. Click Allow. A message box is displayed allowing you the ability to manage your YouTube account.
  8. Click Allow. A dialog box is displayed confirming your selections.
  9. Review your choices, and then click Allow. You are now able to stream content using Youtube.