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Foundation 23.1

If you have a Media Publisher configured, or the Agenda Voting license, the Run Meeting Preferences dialog box is displayed.


If you do not have a Media Publisher configured or an Agenda Voting license, this dialog box does not display, and you can continue to Starting a Meeting.

Do the following to select meeting preferences:

  1. If you have more than one Media Publisher configured, select the one you want from the Media Publisher drop-down list.
  2. Select a recording option from the Media Options section. The options include:
    • Audio/Video. Records the meeting with both audio and video enabled.

    • Audio Only. Records the meeting with only audio enabled. This option is disabled if you are integrating with YouTube, and YouTube Integration is licensed.

    • None. Audio and Video recording is disabled for this meeting.


    If you select None as a media option, but want to reset that option for future meetings, you can use the Reset Recording Type option. See Reset Recording Type.

    If you selected the Audio/Video media option when you opened the meeting, the Recording and Broadcasting starts and a status is displayed in the toolbar. See Record Video and Audio for more information.


    If you have previously opened and run the meeting, and have selected a media publisher and media option, the Media Publisher and Media Options do not display.

  3. Select the Use Voting option to allow the meeting contents to be displayed in the Voting Client and the Voting Display.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If you have set up an account to provide Integrate with YouTube (see Streaming Meeting Contents to YouTube for more information), a message is displayed outlining the Media Upload Privacy Policy.
  6. Scroll through the policy. Click Accept to continue.

    The privacy policy is displayed only the first time you run a meeting after setting up YouTube integration. Once you accept the policy, you will not see this message again.