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Foundation 23.1

The Public tab displays any public speakers who want to speak on an agenda section or item.


You cannot start a public speaker if a member speaker is currently speaking.

To allow a public speaker to speak:

  1. Select the Public tab. Public speakers who want to speak on an item or section are displayed.
  2. If there are multiple speakers assigned to this item, hover your cursor over the speaker who would like to speak and then select the Start Speaker icon.

    The timer is started and the countdown is displayed.

  3. Once a speaker is speaking, you can do the following:
    • Modify the speaker time. Use the add or subtract time buttons to add to or remove seconds or minutes from the original speaker time.


      Depending on your system's configuration, you may not be able to modify the speaker time. See General Tab for configuration information.

    • Stop or pause the timer. Select either the Stop Speaker or Pause Speaker icons to either stop the timer completely or simply pause the timer.

      You can also select the Stop Speaker button.

  4. When the timer is stopped, the amount of time the speaker has left (if any) is displayed in the Time field.
  5. When the speaker is speaking, you can enter notes in the Notes field in the Speaker Timer screen.
  6. If you select the Member tab while a public speaker is speaking, the elapsed time for the public speaker is displayed in the Public tab.
  7. Click Close to close the Speaker Timer window.