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Foundation 23.1

You can take roll call either before the meeting in Pre-Meeting mode, or once the meeting has started. Roll call can be taken for any section or item for the meeting. When the meeting is in In Meeting mode, a roll call can be added only if the section or item is set to current.

To take roll call:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select the Roll Call option from the Items menu.

    • Select an agenda item, and then click the Roll Call icon.

    • Press Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to access the Roll Call dialog box.

  2. The Roll Call dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click in the Present field for each attendee to indicate who is either present or absent and then click OK.
  4. Other options in this dialog box include:
    • Indicate that the members are all present (click All Present)

    • Indicate that the members are all absent (click All Absent)

    • Add members (see Adding Members to Roll Call)

    • Change the current role of a member. See Changing the Role for Members for more information.

    • Re-order attendees in the list using the up and down arrows on the dialog box. Select the attendee you want to move, and then click either the up or down arrow until the selected attendee displays where you want it to. Click OK to save the change.


    Changes made to the roll call affect only the current meeting.