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Foundation 23.1

The roles for each member in a roll call are defined in Agenda. You can change the role for members in both a new roll call and an existing roll call in Minutes. Note the following:

  • Changes made to one roll call does not affect any other roll calls for other sections or items.

  • All changes made in the roll call are reflected in the Meeting Attendees list in Minutes only, and for that specific meeting only.

  • If you change a role from voting to non-voting, the member's name is removed from the Voting grid. If votes have already taken place for a motion, they are not affected by the role change.

  • If you change a member's role on an existing role call to a role without roll call privileges, the member's name is grayed out until you click OK. The next time you open that roll call, the member's name does not display.

To change a member's role:

  1. Select a section or item that contains an existing roll call.
  2. Click the Roll Call icon to display the Roll Call dialog box.
  3. Select the member for which you would like to modify their role, and then click Change Role. The Change Role for Attendee dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select the role you want the member to have from the Role drop-down list.
  5. Click OK. Note the following:
    • If the member's role is set to a non-roll call role, the member's name is grayed out and the check mark is removed from the Present column.

    • If the member's roll is set to a voting role, the member's name displays in the Voting grid and the member is able to participate in future votes on motions for this section or item.

  6. Click OK in the Roll Call dialog box. Any changes made here are also represented in the View Attendee option from the Meeting Controls menu.

    Roles can also be changed in the View Attendee dialog box. See Changing a Member's Role for more information.