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Foundation 23.1

When a meeting is opened, by default the Agenda View is displayed in the Meeting Area.

This view displays the information added prior to the meeting in OnBase Agenda. When a meeting is started, the Agenda View automatically changes to the Minutes View behind the scenes. However, if you are running a large meeting with multiple agenda items, it may take several minutes to prepare the Minutes View, which may delay the start of a meeting.

To prepare the Minutes View outline earlier in the day, prior to the actual start time of a meeting, you can select the Generate Minutes View from the Meeting menu.

When a Minutes View is generated prior to a meeting, the Minutes outline is displayed in the Meeting Area upon starting a meeting.

For ease of meeting administration, it is best to create the Minutes View only after you know that all the agenda items have been finalized for the meeting, and there will be no new items added. If items need to be added after you have created the Minutes View, you can add those items directly to the Minutes View either in OnBase Agenda or in Minutes. If you also want the item to display in the original Agenda View, a user with Agenda Administrator privileges would be able to create the item in the Agenda View using OnBase Agenda.


A new setting, RequestTimeoutSeconds, was added to the Minutes config file to increase the timeout value. The timeout value allows large meetings to be loaded into Minutes without timing out during the process. The default value for this setting is 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. You can increase this value to prevent a timeout error from occurring when starting larger meetings.