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Foundation 23.1

The Voting member list displays the members invited to the meeting who have voting privileges. Depending on if you are using the Voting Client, you will see one of the following:

  • If you are not using the Voting Client, all attendees are marked as In by default.

  • If you are using the Voting Client, only the members who have logged into the Voting Client are marked as In. Everyone else is marked as Out until they log in through the Voting Client. This allows you to know who has logged in, so you do not inadvertently mark them as Out.

You can mark a members as Out by clicking the Status button next to the member's name. The member name is grayed out, and that member is unable to vote.

If a member is using the Voting Client, when you mark them as Out, the following message is displayed:

If you click Confirm, the member is exited from the Voting Client and can no longer view the meeting. If you click Cancel, the member remains in the meeting with a status of In.