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Foundation 23.1

In Pre-Meeting mode, or during the course of a meeting, you can select a motion for an item and then save and present the motion. Note the following:

  • If you save a motion in Pre-Meeting mode, upon starting the meeting you must first set the item as current, and then present the motion before electronic voting can take place. In Pre-Meeting mode, votes can be manually recorded on a motion that is not being presented for either a current or non-current item. If the item was previously set as current, then you only need to present the motion.

  • You can record motions during the meeting both on current or non-current items.

  • If you are using Voting, when a motion is saved on an item, the Present icon is automatically added to the motion and is available for viewing in the Voting Client.

  • If you are not using Voting, the Present icon is enabled when a motion does not contain a time stamp.

Both options end in the same result, which is to allow members to vote on the item. Votes can then be recorded by roll call or by voice. See Record Votes for more information.

Once you have recorded a motion under an item, you can edit the motion as needed.