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Foundation 23.1

The Motions section contains icons that allow you to work with the motions and motion text. The icons available to you depend on whether the Voting application is installed and connected to OnBase Minutes. The following table provides a description of the motion icons:




The Add icon provides the ability to add a motion to a section or item that may already have a saved motion. Essentially, this allows you to have more than one motion for a section or an item. See Adding Motions for more information.


The Save icon saves any new motions to a section or item. See Saving Motions for more information.


The Present icon is used differently, depending on if you are using Voting. In Voting, when a motion is saved, it is automatically presented to the Voting Client. If a motion has been saved in pre- or post- meeting modes, or In-Meeting on a non-current item, the Present icon is used to present the motion to the Voting Client once the meeting has been started.

If you are not using Voting, the Present icon is used to set the timestamp for pre-annotated motions.


The Open icon is available only when Voting is being used. This icon allows the motion to be moved or seconded by members in the Voting Client.


The Withdraw icon allows you to withdraw a motion saved on a section or an item. The Withdraw icon is available only if a vote has not taken place on a motion. See Withdrawing Motions for more information.

Seconder Required

The Seconder Required icon is available only when Voting is being used. This icon indicates that before a vote can be taken on a motion, it must be seconded by a member. By default, this button is set to required. When clicked, it toggles to the Seconder Not Required icon.

The Seconder icon can be configured to default to not required. See Voting Tab for more information.