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Foundation 23.1

Motions can be saved either during a meeting, in Pre-Meeting mode or Post-Meeting mode.

To save a motion:

  1. Select the item for which you want to save the motion.
  2. Select the motion you want from the Motion drop-down list in the Motion section. In some cases, text already configured for the item displays in the Motion text box. This text can be configured as default motion text, or text that comes directly from a pre-configured agenda item. See Add New Motion Types for more information.
  3. If you want to add motion text, enter the text in the Motion Text dialog box.

    If you have shorthand options set up in the Options menu, you can enter your text with abbreviations, and then press the space bar to expand the text. For example, if you set up a shorthand option of "co," which expands to the word "company", you can simply enter "co" in the Motion Text section, press the space bar, and the text expands to the word "company." See Shorthand Tab for more information.

  4. Click Save. Two things happen:
    • Motion to <motion type> is displayed under the selected item in the Meeting section.

      If the meeting has been started, the item has been set as Current, and you have Voting installed and enabled, the Present icon is displayed next to the motion.

      This icon indicates that the motion is being displayed in the Voting Client and the Voting Display. Those with access to the Voting Client can vote on the motion using their own personal screen.

    • The Voting section is activated allowing you to record the vote. See Record Votes for more information.